004 Starmy 

"Blue Skies Abound" LP

019 TDH "Rocket"

014 Erosion "Erosion" 

010 Danger Hailstorm 


008 Dwellers

"Love- Less Ash & Gravel" LP

001 Homo Leviticus 

"We're not happy, until your not happy." 

6 Song EP

020 Magstatic "Lost Songs"

002 Danger Hailstorm

"Open Arms" Single

018 Samuel Smith Band "Whiskey"

013 The Pretty Uglies 

"Art Test"

012 Maimed For Life

"Sacred Life?"

009 Dwellers 

"Sea The Stars" 4 song EP

017 Samuel Smith Band "S/T"

003 Starmy

"Heart Beat Breaks Glass" LP

016 L.D.S. 

"Nightmare + On The Cross"

005 Starmy 

"Starmageddon" LP

006 Starmy 

"Black Shine" LP

011 Bad Yodelers

"Early Years"

015 Heavy Dose "Be Good b/w Ted Nugz (Ain't No Devil"

007 Starmy 

"Dead Ready" LP